Jam with T-Man
A networking session that allows you to fulfil your desires to learn how to play an instrument

Marrily Social - Lock The Date
A networking event for the most accomplished singles in the city indulging in laughter riots, wine t

What's Brewing?
Demonitization; discussion on its impacts

SAP INDUS Premier League
Luminaries of the Startup world network over cricket

Paap Ka Ghada
Sales teams share their not so ethical moments when closing a deal

Thaal Talk
Sharing a Bohri Thaali with fellow entpreneurs

Inter Corporate TT Tournament
Table Tennis for corporate heads

Bitcoin Beer
Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Dance Movement Therapy
Connecting with yourself

Beach BBQ and Brew
Trip to Alibaug

Top Spin with MoonMoon
Table Tennis with India's Champ

The Bold and the Blended
Open Networking